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Posted by Teknor Apex on Apr 1, 2023 9:00:00 AM

As the weather warms up, it's time to kick off spring with a yard clean-up and give your home a fresh and inviting look. Homeowners often dread this annual task, but no worries - we have tips and tricks that will help make it more efficient (and even fun!) From must-do items and supplies to helpful tools, get ready for an easy yet thorough spring yard clean up!

Make a plan of attack - decide what kind of tasks you want to do and create a checklist

Before you decide to take on the challenge of your spring yard cleanup, it's important to make a plan of attack and set yourself up for success. Whether it is pulling weeds or trimming the shrubs in your front yard, making a list of these tasks can be really helpful in getting organized. Break down what kind of work needs to be done, how long you estimate each task should take, and how far into the day you want each task finished. Having an idea of what you want to accomplish makes organizing your materials and measuring out your timeline much easier - so don't skip this crucial step! As an added bonus: crossing off completed tasks is super satisfying.


Spring cleanup

Get the right tools for the job - invest in rakes, shovels, trimmers and other equipment to get the job done quicker

Spring yard cleanup doesn't have to be the 'chore of doom' - investing in the right tools and equipment can make it fast and fun. From rakes and shovels, to trimmers and all the other essentials you'll need, get stocked up and make it a family event! With hard work comes joy - so grab your gardening gear, take a morning or afternoon picnic into the garden, and battle any overgrown areas with ease.

Adopt a "green" attitude - use natural materials like straw and wood chips for mulch instead of chemicals

This spring, why not embrace a greener outlook when it comes to your yard care? Instead of reaching for the chemical-laden mulch on the shelf, why not try using natural materials like straw and wood chips? Not only will you reduce the amount of chemicals used around your home, but adding organic matter to your garden will also help retain moisture in the soil and encourage beneficial microorganisms for healthier plants. Plus, creating a more sustainable outdoor environment is always better for both you and Mother Nature!

Plant some flowers - add a splash of color with some new flowers to make your yard more inviting

If you’re ready to brighten up your yard in time for spring, nothing is better than adding a few new flowers. From lively daisies to sweet-smelling roses, adding some flower power to your outdoor space is like a refreshing splash of color that completely transforms the look of your yard. Bright blooms will bring sunshine and cheer to any outdoor area, so why not make this spring be the one you get creative and try planting some flowers? With a bit of extra elbow grease and planning, that backyard of yours can look absolutely stunning!

Clean up the lawn - mow, trim, and weed whack your lawn to keep it looking fresh

Give your lawn a fresh new look! With some mowing, trimming and weed whacking, you can quickly have a bright and vibrant lawn that's perfect for grilling out, playing games or just relaxing. Don't forget to make time for yard cleanup this spring; it's the key to having a lovely outdoor space all throughout the summer. So grab your tools, put on your gloves and dig in—you won't regret it!

Have fun with it - turn spring yard clean up into a fun time with family!

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