Teknor Apex has been developing new technologies and innovations that change the marketplace since 1924. We are able to develop innovative patented technologies, but at the same time, we never lose sight of the consumer experience. 


For more information about our patents, please see the table below:

Brand Country Patent Application Number
zero-G US 9,625,071
zero-G US D770601
zero-G CA 164900
zero-G MX 48782
zero-G US 9,638,613
zero-G PCT PCT/US16/28037
zero-G AUSTR. 2016252113
zero-G CA 2980363
zero-G MX MX/a/2017/012045
zero-G NZ 735708
zero-G DE 20 2016 105 040
zero-G ES 201631112
zero-G CN 201680028008.6
zero-G EU 16783638.6
zero-G US 9,810,357
zero-G US 10,344,899
zero-G US 10,000,035
zero-G US 10,132,435
zero-G US 10,458,574
zero-G US D757233
zero-G US D779640
zero-G US D777888
zero-G CA 166895
zero-G US D782623
zero-G CA 168894
zero-G US D806,838
zero-G CA 167452
zero-G EP 003358449-003
zero-G US D812202
zero-G CA 167451
zero-G US D784497
zero-G CA 170778
zero-G EP 003358449-0002
zero-G MX 50934
zero-G US D785141
zero-G CA 170777
zero-G EP 003358449-0001
zero-G MX 50936
zero-G US D786,668
zero-G CA 169731
zero-G EP 003323880-0001 to 0002
zero-G MX 50706
Neverkink US D499465
    SmartFlo US D499465
   NexFlex US D499465
Neverkink MX 17492
Neverkink US D612917
Neverkink US D623278
zero-G US D733264
zero-G US D719646
zero-G CA 156302
zero-G US D719647
zero-G CA 156603
zero-G US D738471
zero-G CA 156299
zero-G US D736357
zero-G CA 156300
zero-G US D736358
zero-G CA 156301
zero-G US D736359
zero-G CA 156298
zero-G US D798737
zero-G CA 174185
zero-G MX 53492
zero-G US 10,458,576
zero-G PCT PCT/US17/053182
zero-G US 29/624,083
zero-G US 29/657,914
zero-G US 29/657,897
zero-G US 29/657,900
zero-G US 29/657,903
zero-G US D876593
zero-G US D873977
zero-G US 29/705,829
zero-G CA 191670
zero-G US 29/707,643
zero-G CA 192446
zero-G US 29/710,294
zero-G CA 192448
zero-G US 29/710,305
zero-G CA 192449
Hose Storage Device
US D926,557
zero-G  US D937,392