Teknor Apex has been developing new technologies and innovations that have changed the marketplace since 1924. We offer a wide variety of garden hose products that align with what consumers require. Our goal is to provide the best balance of product features so our customer has an easier experience because to you and to us, it’s more than just a garden hose.


World-Class Compound Facililty

Having world-class custom compound divisions separate Teknor Apex's hose products from much of the competition. We are able to develop innovative patented technologies, but at the same time, we never lose sight of the consumer experience. Our leadership status in the marketplace is constantly being strengthened by our comprehensive product research, new product development and our ability to meet the demands of today’s discriminating consumer.



Experience Weightlessness

Research with hose purchasers overwhelmingly indicates a preference for hoses which offer light weight, easy handling, kink resistance and lasting performance. The zero-G® advanced hose design takes these must-haves to a higher level than ever before.


  • Up to 50% lighter weight than commercial vinyl hoses
  • Kink-resistant uninterrupted flow
  • Consistent, high flow equal to a conventional 5/8” hose
  • 600+ psi burst rated
  • Commercial grade crush-resistant coupling with brass insert to prevent corrosion
  • Allows use with stationary sprinklers
  • Improved ergonomic grips for easier attachment


Lighter and Stronger so you can work easier

The zero-G® PRO hose is 55% lighter in weight compared to commercial vinyl hoses. The hose is so compact it will fit in a 5-gallon bucket which can be transported in the back of a work truck or compartment. The 3/4 inch diameter allows for high water flow and the neon green color provides high-visibility for job site safety.


  • Lead Safe: Safe drinking water
  • Lightweight: 55% less than commercial hoses
  • Kink-Resistant: Uninterrupted flow around the job site
  • Durable Design: Resists leaks, abrasions, & puncture
  • Commercial grade crush-resistant coupling with brass insert to prevent corrosion
  • Improved ergonomic grips for easier attachment


Snap-Fit Grip

The improved ergonomic Snap-Fit Grip has a larger gripping surface for an easier attachment to the faucet and garden hose accessories. The grip stays in place to minimize kinking at the faucet. All zero-G hoses are equipped with a snap-fit grip on both ends of the hose. In addition, the grip is also featured on the female end of the Neverkink Heavy Duty hose series.




Easy Handling to Lighten Your Workload

The NexFlex hose provides easy handling to lighten your workload. The custom formulation provides superior flexibility that makes the hose easy to handle and maneuver. High visibility color prevents tripping and is easily seen while gardening.


  • Ergo-Grip: Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Easy Connect: Hook-up attachments with ease
  • Lighter Weight: 20% lighter than a heavy duty vinyl hose
  • Kink Resistant: Superior technology keeps water flowing


Teknor Apex was the first US manufacturer to launch a kink-proof hose. The translucent strip that runs the length of every hose reveals the Neverkink secret which solves the #1 consumer complaint: Kinking. This Neverkink line offers benefits guaranteed unconditionally – producing a hose that is easy to maneuver so kinks, twists and tangles don’t have a chance to get started.

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High Strength Aluminum Couplings


New and improved heavy gauge power coil locks-into coupling preventing kinking at faucet. The patented, industrial-grade aluminum couplings are easier to handle and crush-resistant. All of our couplings include a brass insert to prevent fusing.

Sleek new rigid sleeve locks into coupling preventing kinking at faucet. Patented aluminum couplings are easier to handle and crush-resistant. All of our couplings include a brass insert to prevent fusing.

Hose design is the subject of U.S. Trademark Registration No. 5,526,464


We at Teknor Apex believe in the critical importance of quality market research, one of the beliefs that have kept us going strong for over seventy years. When you factor in today’s exciting advances in technology, it feels like we’re just getting started.