Teknor Apex Warranty

If a manufacturing defect occurs in normal garden hose use, return hose to store where purchased for replacement along with this warranty statement, the UPC Code, and sales receipt. If the defect occurs beyond the stores replacement period, please contact Teknor Apex Customer Service at 1.800.289.6786 for product replacement. This warranty applies to the original purchaser for the warranty period stated on the front of the packaging and covers defects in workmanship, materials and kinking. Teknor Apex Company shall not be liable for damages resulting from, nor shall this warranty extend to defects caused by: abnormal or unintended use, your modification of the product, or from an act of God. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


  • NOTE: Before using your hose, place the washer firmly inside the coupling. This will prevent leaking.
  • This hose is made in part from recycled materials. Please join us in our efforts to help keep our landfills clean.
  • For more information contact Customer Service at 1-800-289-6786.
  • Lead-free couplings comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.
  • Couplings and sleeve patent pending.
  • Hose colors are subject to trademark.

All vinyl garden hoses perform better at temperatures above 55°f. For best garden hose performance at termperatures below 55°f , we recommend neverkink® hoses rated for extreme, and cold weather flexibility. Look for these products with speciic temperature ratings for improved cold weather flexibility.


  • Warning: this product contains chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Warning: this hose is intended for routine outdoor watering applications.
  • Warning: follow coupling care instructions below.
  • Warning: do not leave hose under pressure while unattended.
  • Warning: not for hot water use.
  • Warning: this hose is not intended for drinking water use. For potable water, purchase an apex drinking water safe hose.

Coupling Care

A simple procedure to assure a leak-free connection for the life of your new garden hose, we recommend, disconnecting and reconnecting the hose from any standard metal faucet/hose bib and/or metal hose attachment a minimum of 3 times per year. This procedure helps maintain a proper seal for the washer and loosens any possible corrosion evident caused by weather or environmental elements which can cause the hose to fuse to the faucet or attachment. Always inspect the washer for the proper placement and clear any type of build- up on the faucet or coupling.


For easy use follow the break-in procedures below:


  • Uncoil and straighten hose to full length.
  • Attach hose to faucet, then attach nozzle.
  • Turn water on full and let trapped air out with nozzle.
  • Pull hose straight to remove any twists caused by packaging.
  • Turn off water, release pressure at nozzle and coil as usual.

Why You Should Not Drink From a Garden Hose

Do not drink from a garden hose. A garden hose is a tool that is used and stored outdoors and is generally exposed to conditions that can be harmful to humans such as:


  • Mold & bacteria
  • Lawn & garden chemicals
  • Animal waste
  • Insects
  • Stagnate Water
  • Other harmful substances

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