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Posted by Teknor Apex on May 23, 2016 9:45:20 AM

When It Comes to Planting Near the House, Fall in Love, But Keep Your Distance


It’s been said that the landscaping around a home adorns it like jewelry. Nothing softens the line between a flat lawn and a tall wall like gorgeous greenery. Its many shades, shapes and heights are the perfect enhancement to your curb appeal.

But it’s no coincidence that the word “plan” is most of the word “plant!” There are serious errors that can be made, and here are the Top 5:

Maturity Matters: The biggest mistake, by far, that homeowner’s make is planting that sweet little sapling without hitting the “Fast Forward” button. Ten years from now, your beautiful little knee-high hydrangea could grow to nearly four feet across.

Plants Breathe, Too: Remember 7th grade Science? Great! Then you’re aware that plant leaves need carbon dioxide from the air to nourish themselves. Being smashed up against a wall or another shrub literally strangles a plant’s healthy potential.

The Pane of Planning: We get it. You’re not fond of washing windows, or cleaning gutters or painting the exterior of your home. But eventually, every homeowner must be able to “get at” the exterior, gutters and windows of a home. Be sure there’s room for equipment, a ladder or just a step stool.

The Drama of the Drip: When it rains, it pours – right onto your thoughtfully placed landscaping. If they’re not clear, plants could easily get waterlogged. And over time, the soil could erode. Force yourself to place foundation plants so that when they’re mature, the back of them clears the “drip line” of your home.

What Should Not Be Growing?: Moss and mold! Clapboards, shingles, siding and bricks that are covered by plantings will retain moisture – the homeowner’s enemy. You could always power wash the problem away – if you can fit between the house and shrubs!

Do you have a comment about the photo at the beginning of this post? The curb appeal is high, but does it pass or fail the “distance test?”

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