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Create a Magical Buzzing Backyard with Hummingbird Nectar

by Teknor Apex Jun 8, 2018 2:21:05 PM


Attracting Them Is Easier Than You Think, So Pull Up a Lawn Chair and Enjoy


What a magical sight to see a tiny hovering hummingbird. Less than 3 inches long, these amazing-but-mighty birds seem more like big bugs. Weighing less than a nickel, their wings beat up to 80 times per second. The flapping creates an audible buzz, thus the “hum” in “hummingbird.” They can’t walk or even hop, yet can fly up to 30 mph. When the ruby-throated hummingbird migrates south twice a year, it makes the 500-mile flight non-stop!


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Write the Book on Smart Gardening! Create Your Own Garden Diary

by Teknor Apex Jun 1, 2018 5:00:53 PM

If You Can’t Recall What, When and Where You Planted, Your Garden Journal Will!


Every gardener has thought it: “This beautiful plant is unforgettable. I’ll definitely remember everything about it.” Then the busy months pass, winter ends and the first shoots of green begin to shoot. You sort through your basket of plant tags, and the only thing growing is confusion.

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Air Plant Terrarium DIY: Create a Beautiful Miniature Garden in Glass

by Teknor Apex May 21, 2018 9:05:44 AM

The Small-But-Mighty Terrarium Is Easy To Create, Care For and Love.


Picture one basking in the sun on your windowsill. Or bringing a dollop of nature to your desktop. Or ranking as the most interesting object on your coffee table. The small-but-mighty terrarium is an enclosed garden, planted in a transparent container, usually featuring succulents, air plants or mini-cacti. But when it comes to creativity? Oh, the places you’ll go!

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Pro Garden Tips to Grow and Care for Hydrangeas

by Teknor Apex May 3, 2018 11:25:16 AM

Every Gardener Gets the Blues. And the Pinks. And the Purples....  

If you’re ever asked which color hydrangea is your favorite, beware! It’s a trick question. The truth is, the beauty of this classic perennial – whether blue, pink, purple, lime green or pure white – cannot be denied. The hydrangea was first cultivated in Japan, but ancient fossils have been discovered in North America dating back 40 to 65 million years!

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What Hardiness Zone Am I In?

by Teknor Apex Apr 17, 2018 3:25:40 PM

Are Your Plants Shivering In Chicago? Melting In Miami? You Need To Get In The Zone!

Like people, plants thrive when they are in a climate that suits them. Delicate orchids simply require a different growing environment than hearty holly bushes. So before a single seed is planted, you must be aware of which “hardiness zone” you live in.

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Real Estate on the Cheep: Where to Put a Birdhouse

by Teknor Apex Mar 20, 2018 3:27:22 PM


Want to Feather Your Nest with Birdhouses? Here Are Some Cardinal Rules.


Click the TV off, put the phone down and grab a front row seat for the best show of the summer – your birdhouses. What can be sweeter or more calming than watching a feathered family as they feed, forage and fly? Here are some tips to help create the perfect dream home.

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4 Tips on How to Prepare a Garden Bed this Spring

by Teknor Apex Mar 1, 2018 9:05:03 AM


Whether It’s a Space for Spinach, or a Spot for Snapdragons, It’s Time to Prepare a Proper Garden Bed.


The power of definition can’t be denied. While a lush lawn is beautiful in its uninterrupted greenness, it often begs for an accent – a pop of plantings that command the eye. What a perfect way to sum up the appeal of the garden bed.

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Improve Curb Appeal and Let Your Home Speak for Itself

by Teknor Apex Jan 24, 2018 9:26:13 AM


When It Comes to Your Home’s Curb Appeal, It’s What’s On the Outside That Counts.


If you’re like most homeowners, you spend a lot of time fussing over your home’s interior – wall colors, furniture, lighting and wall art. But what about the view from the street? Unfortunately, the elements that create your home’s “first impression” aren’t always given the importance they deserve. Whether you want to attract buyers or just re-fall in love every time you come home, let’s tackle the challenge.

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Fresh Herbs Win - Every Thyme! How to Care for Potted Herbs

by Teknor Apex Jan 8, 2018 4:14:52 PM


From Oregano in October, to Mint in March, Indoor Herb Gardening Is Every Cook’s Secret Ingredient


Rosemary, cilantro, dill, lemongrass, chives, basil, parsley. Don’t you agree, these magnificent herbs make any dish better? And picking a fresh sprig is way better than opening a jar? So do we! Here some tips for how to care for potted herbs.


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Follow these Fall Gardening Tips for a Thriving Cultivation Next Year

by Teknor Apex Sep 19, 2017 3:51:41 PM

If You Think the End of Summer Means the End of Gardening, Let Us Plant a Few Points to Ponder with our Fall Gardening Tips.


It’s autumn – a time to reflect on all your hard work of the past few months. But certainly not a time to hang up your garden gloves, for there is still much to be done – protecting, preparing, pruning and yes, even planting. Cooler temperatures mean higher energy, so let the TLC continue.


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