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Posted by Teknor Apex on Sep 19, 2017 3:51:41 PM

Fall Gardening TipsIf You Think the End of Summer Means the End of Gardening, Let Us Plant a Few Points to Ponder with our Fall Gardening Tips.


It’s autumn – a time to reflect on all your hard work of the past few months. But certainly not a time to hang up your garden gloves, for there is still much to be done – protecting, preparing, pruning and yes, even planting. Cooler temperatures mean higher energy, so let the TLC continue.


Fall Gardening TipsCommon Sense Rules

When it comes to the garden, “closing” generally translates to “cleaning.” Start by removing any and all debris – the perfect material, by the way, for a compost bin.


Pull up any annuals. Inspect all your plantings for disease and pests that may have laid eggs and cull plants that may pose future challenges. Once the ground has frozen, cut healthy perennials down to about 3˝ and cover them with a thick, protective layer (2-4˝) of mulch. For this purpose, using your autumn leaves is a perfect solution. If you like, cover your beds with heavy plastic – a task made easier by kits that are readily available.


The End Is a Beginning

Fall Gardening Tips

Contrary to what some might think, fall is a sublime planting season. Soil is still warm enough for developing roots, creating a cozy winter environment. Spring-blooming bulbs like daffodils, perennials like peonies and even delicate flowers like pansies – don’t be afraid to put them in the ground this time of year. It’s not just acceptable, but ideal to plant trees and shrubs in autumn, but no skimping on water. They need to get established before entering dormancy.


When Division Becomes Multiplication

How do you turn a small patch of perennials into an abundance? You divide and conquer. Autumn is a great time to split perennials that bloom in spring and early summer. Offshoots recover from the “jolt” of being separated much better in cool, moist conditions. The same applies to lush, green, shade-loving hostas.


Cultivate Good Practices


  • Fall is a great time to sharpen tools! Next year, when that first spring day arrives and you’re ready to go, your tools will be, too.
  • Hose down everything before storing, so dirt doesn’t have months to make itself permanent. Want to go the extra step? Make a mild bleach-and-water solution that will address any insect residue.
  •  Fall Gardening TipsIt’s a good time to create a space in the garage or shed that’s dedicated to all things gardening. If you already have one, give it a little TLC. Maximize space with shelving, and organize with inexpensive buckets or bins. Hang what can be hung, not just for convenience but also for function. (The tines on a rake can bend from resting on the floor.)
  • Especially you live in a cold climate, the garden hose should be protected from freezing temperatures and harsh conditions. Check out our blog post from December of 2016 for everything you need to know.


There’s work to be done, no matter what the season. Check out the lineup of Teknor Apex hoses, designed for all seasons.




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