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Posted by Teknor Apex on May 21, 2018 9:05:44 AM


The Small-But-Mighty Terrarium Is Easy To Create, Care For and Love.


Picture one basking in the sun on your windowsill. Or bringing a dollop of nature to your desktop. Or ranking as the most interesting object on your coffee table. The small-but-mighty terrarium is an enclosed garden, planted in a transparent container, usually featuring succulents, air plants or mini-cacti. But when it comes to creativity? Oh, the places you’ll go!

To begin your air plant terrarium DIY, contain your ideas. The choices for what to plant in are endless, from bell jar to glass vases to covered cake dishes! Your local craft or home décor store will dazzle you with choices. Just be sure your delicate garden is in a transparent environment, so you can see and enjoy it.


The ground floor of your terrarium will be a layer, about 1½˝ thick, of small pebbles, acting as a “drain field.” Next, spread a thin layer of activated charcoal for keeping water clean and bacteria free.


The soil comes next, about 2½ or 3 inches of it. Rich potting soil is sufficient, but if you are planting succulents or cacti, use specialized soil, mixed just for them. Choose humidity-loving plants that are small, so air can circulate. What you don’t want is a cramped look, with plant leaves touching the walls.


If the opening to your container is small, wrangling your plants into the soil can be a challenge. With calm patience of a surgeon, use tools like rounded tweezers, metal spoons, brushes, funnels and pouring spouts – all elongated for this purpose. Top your creation with a layer of small pebbles.


Now comes your reward. What will you add to complement your creation? Marbles that catch the light? Tiny seashells? A miniature from the craft store? The possibilities are uncontainable!


Give your terrarium lots of bright, indirect light. Using a funnel, water the roots evenly about once a week. Once you get to know your terrarium, you’ll sense when it needs a drink, but overwatering it can result in root rot.


Creating a terrarium is easy and enjoyable. What a great activity to share with the kids. What a great reason for an evening with friends. What a great gift idea for someone you love – including yourself!


If you’ve got a green thumb, you care for plants inside and outside. What a great reason to check out the Teknor Apex line of top quality, no kink, high-performance garden hoses!

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