3 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

by Teknor Apex Feb 13, 2019 5:45:33 PM

Winter means time spent away from your garden, but it won't be long before spring arrives. Soon you'll be growing and nurturing your plants as they come back to life in the warmer weather.

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How To Get Your Kids Interested In Gardening

by Laura Bianchi Jan 7, 2019 10:56:22 AM

Your love for gardening is pure; not only do you have a green thumb, but you also have the tools of the trade to show you care about quality in your craft. Getting your kids interested in gardening, however, might prove more difficult than you think.

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3 Essential Items To Bring On Your Road Trip

by Teknor Apex Dec 11, 2018 1:32:09 PM

Whether you're using up the last of your vacation time or traveling for the holidays, countless people are taking to the roads for the ultimate road trip. Before you leave, don't forget to pack these essential items for your trip.

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How To Prep Your Garden For The Winter In 2 Easy Steps

by Teknor Apex Nov 7, 2018 2:37:13 PM

Preparing your home for the cold winter months to come is never easy, but it's even more difficult for the budding gardener. As seasonal vegetables begin to wilt, here are some essential tips and tricks for preparing your garden for the winter months to come.


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Gardening 101: How Do I Choose The Best Hose?

by Teknor Apex Oct 4, 2018 12:20:10 PM

For amateur gardeners and professionals alike, choosing the right hose can be a challenge. You want the best hose at the cheapest price, but you don't know how to choose. 

If you're stuck between picking your garden hoses, here are some factors to consider before making the final purchase. 


You know about the classic rubber hose, but vinyl hoses are actually way more popular. Unfortunately, the low price is there for a reason; vinyl hoses are lightweight and affordable but the least sturdy material. This means you'll struggle with more kinks and cracks in the line and it will degrade even faster than normal. If you're looking for a hose for a small project, a vinyl hose might work. But investing in a rubber hose will give you the necessary longevity and strength without constant kinking. Rubber hoses are great for the common gardener or the industrial worker. A rubber heavy duty hose offers all-weather durability and packs a punch that costs a little more and lasts a lot longer. 


Hoses with a lot of strength are easy to spot if you look at their burst pressure. This value expresses the water pressure at which your hose will break or rupture. If you want a stronger hose, look for a heavy duty hose with a PSI of 350 or higher. 


You might be mixing up the pressure with water flow. A hose with a poor PSI will have poor water flow, but it doesn't mean that you can't get a lot of water with a larger width. The width measures water flow for your heavy duty hose, ensuring you get the proper amount of water delivered to your garden. The diameter typically rests around five-eighths of an inch. Your typical garden and utility hose maker will have a width between a half-inch and three-quarters of an inch, however. It's a happy medium between cost, length, and pressure. 


Everyone thinks that longer hoses are the best. After all, you're able to traverse the entire lawn. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Garden hoses range from 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100-foot options. If you want a long hose, 100 feet should be your final length. Anything longer might result in residual water in the hose and take up necessary storage space. 25-foot hoses are usually able to get easy tasks done. 

Before you choose a hose, be sure to consider these essential factors. Your green thumb won't thrive without a good heavy duty water hose.  Read More

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When Do I Need A Heavy Duty Garden Hose?

by Teknor Apex Sep 7, 2018 3:15:39 PM

If you're looking to buy a hose, odds are, you might end up buying the wrong one. Whether you're a home gardener or a take care of lawns for a living, these are the special instances when you might want a heavy duty hose.

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Gardening 101: 3 Easy-To-Grow Vegetables

by Teknor Apex Aug 15, 2018 3:49:40 PM

If you're new to gardening, it's best to start small and work your way up to more complicated vegetables. Here are some easy-to-grow vegetables for the fledgling home gardener.

Pole beans

Once you plant your pole beans in warm, spring soil, all you need to do is install a sturdy trellis for the vines to wrap around. Water occasionally with a flexible garden hose to deliver safe water to your plant. Harvesting is a breeze once they fully mature since the beans will be upright, no digging required. An added bonus is that pole beans are one of the beans that produce for the longest, so you'll be able to convince your friends that you're just as adept as Jack and his beanstalk. 


Even though cucumbers grow to be pretty large, they thrive in compact habitats when they're grown vertically. They're easy to grow with the occasional watering from your garden hose, but they need to grow for a long time. It's recommended you plant them in early spring and harvest them your last frost. Your handy trellis is recommended for cucumbers too. If you opt to grow bush cucumbers in a container, be sure to water more frequently with your soaker hose since containers dry out soil more quickly. 


This fast-growing green plant is easy to grow and gives you almost instant gratification. You can harvest leaves in as little as a month while you can collect the whole plant between 60 and 80 days. 

Like bush cucumbers, you can opt to grow lettuce in containers as well. Be sure to keep the soil moist with your flexible garden hose. You might want to get a sprinkler system for larger lettuce gardens -- the plant has a shallow root system, meaning it dries out more quickly than other plants in your garden. For continuous harvest throughout the summer, plant lettuce seeds once every couple weeks. Just don't forget to mark the areas with what time you initially sowed the seeds!

If you want to become one of the 113 million people who garden within the United States, consider planting these three crops to get you started. They're easy to tend with a flexible water hose and don't need heavy duty equipment to get great results. Read More

Need Help Keeping Your Lawn Healthy This Summer? Try This

by Teknor Apex Jul 16, 2018 5:16:03 PM


Summer heat can often damage our lawns unless we take the proper care to maintain them. If you've noticed your lawn looking a little down in the dumps, follow these easy tips to prove the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

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Want to Try Vegetable Gardening? Here’s What You Need

by Teknor Apex Jul 13, 2018 3:30:42 PM


Summer is here and that means it’s time to get dirty -- literally. When you start planning a vegetable garden, it’s easy to overlook some key details in your excitement. Before you start planting your dreams in the dirt, here are five important tools you need to start a proper vegetable garden.

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A Guide to Setting Up a Garden in Your Backyard

by Teknor Apex Jul 12, 2018 11:03:45 AM


As a home gardener, you need the best equipment in order to produce the most delicious results. A good commercial garden hose that has all weather durability should last you around five to 10 years. A nice pair of gloves could last even longer, and a trowel might last a lifetime. What any gardener needs more than tools, though, is a plan.

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