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Posted by Teknor Apex on Oct 30, 2023 7:31:26 AM

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Proper use of your garden hose can make your work go much more efficiently. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when a hose is left running, it can waste as much as six gallons of water each minute. This is a perfect example of why it's so important to care for your hose correctly. Here are a few simple and straightforward tips for using your hose more efficiently.


1. Store It Properly


Improper storage is one of the most common ways to shorten the life of your hoses. After each use, you should recoil your hose and store it somewhere off the ground. The ground's moisture can cause damage over the long term, making a hook in your garden shed or garage the best place to keep your hose when it's not in use. The coiling action helps to prevent water from collecting and causing degradation. The better care you show your tools, the longer they'll continue to work properly.

2. Fix Any Leaks in a Timely Manner

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Holes and cracks in hoses significantly lessen their efficiency. If you notice a problem, be sure to patch it right away. When the problem is too severe for a patch, it's time to replace the hose. A leaky hose wastes water and offers low water pressure. You'll spend twice as long doing a job when you're dealing with these problems. You might also notice a heavy leak at the spigot or other water source. If tightening the hose doesn't correct the problem, you'll need to take a closer look at the situation. No matter the cause of any breaks and leaks, they're an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.


3. Avoid Using it in Freezing Weather

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Water and cold weather don't often mix. If you're thinking about using your hose in freezing temperatures, think again. Garden hoses aren't typically designed to be used in freezing conditions. The contractions that occur during a freeze-thaw cycle can easily damage your hose. In order to avoid having to replace it before its usual lifespan is over, be sure to avoid letting it freeze. When you follow these simple tips, your hose can last for many more years to come.


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