Posted by Laura Bianchi on Nov 25, 2015 4:06:05 PM

Many people are unfamiliar with the differences in water hoses. They may have a mental picture of a green lightweight hose used by a home gardener, and believe that most hoses are generally like this, but they would be incorrect. Professional demands necessitate the use of many different kinds of hoses, with all different qualities and attributes. Let's take a look at some of them right now.

Residential Water Hoses

A residential hose is perhaps the most popular and well-known hose on the market. You've probably seen it connected to a sprinkler in someone's yard, or used as a flexible means of watering a garden. These hoses are reliable enough to satisfy most, but not all, professional demands, and should last 5 to 10 years.

Drinking Water Safe Hoses

For those concerned with water purity, there are hoses made for campers and outdoorsmen that are intended to transmit potable water. These hoses are white or blue, and come in lengths of 10 to 50 feet.

Heavy Duty Hoses

A braided hose is a sort of heavy duty water hose that is built to withstand higher pressure, and be less likely to tangle or twist. For more rigorous purposes, a hydraulic hose or a pressure hose will be in order. These exceed the average homeowner's needs, and are intended to suit the professional demands of a construction or landscape contractor.

Soaker Hoses

For those who feel the need to conserve water, a soaker hose is a good option. These specialized hoses deliver water slowly to the roots of plants or grass, which saves water and preserves foliage from damp and disease. However, these hoses are generally not very long (under 100 feet, because of the way in which the water flows through it) and because they are made of recycled rubber, not the best for food crops.


All in all, buying the right hose depends on the task at hand and what you are willing to spend. It is well worth investing in at least one additional type of hose that fits your purposes, so that you do not wind up coming up empty-handed in a vital moment. Get a new hose today and tell us what you discover in the comment section below. Click to edit your new post...

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