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Posted by Teknor Apex on Mar 25, 2021 11:16:00 AM

Why is My Garden Hose Leaking?

No one wants to deal with their water hose suddenly losing pressure. Unfortunately, this often occurs just as you need it to water the garden or hose off your car. When you investigate, you usually find a sharp bend in your hose or water spraying out of the faucet but not getting into the hose. But sometimes, you can't find an obvious source of the leak. If you want to figure out what's causing the problem, here are some tips to try.


Go To the Source


You go to the faucet and tighten the hose, but you still see a leak or a drip. Try turning off the faucet and then taking off the hose. If there is a drip from the handle, then the problem isn't your hose. You should go inside and turn off the water to that faucet so you can unscrew the handle to the faucet to fix it. If it's not the faucet, then maybe your hose isn't connected properly. Check to see if your hose is one of the newer commercial garden hoses that have brass threads to prevent corrosion at the spigot. If your connection is fine, it could be your hose.


Check the Hose for Bends or Kinks


Double-check the length of the hose. While commercial garden hoses typically prevent kinks, other residential hoses can get really severe bends in them that can completely block any water from getting through. If the hose wasn't stored in a coil or if the coil was crunched by a car accidentally driving over it, then you have found the likely source of your issue. If your hose doesn't have any sharp bends or pinch marks then it may just be an old hose.


This Hose Came With the House, Didn't It?


Your hose may just be too old. Commercial garden hoses can last for a long time, however. a good garden hose should last at least 5 years, with some lasting even as long as 10 years. A way to confirm you just need a replacement hose is to feel along the hose with the water running through it, trying to find thin spots or even tiny cracks. If you don't know how old your hose is, it is probably time to replace it with one of the best models of commercial garden hoses available. That way, you'll know it will withstand the test of time.


Issues with your garden hose typically come from a loose faucet handle, a bend in the hose, or just an old hose. Thankfully, these issues are pretty simple to fix.


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