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Watering Lawn in Winter


Everyone should have flexible garden hoses to manage their lawn care and landscaping needs. Flexible garden hoses make it easy to get the water where it needs to go without dealing with annoying kinks.


Do you need flexible garden hoses for winter watering? Should you be watering your lawn in the winter? The answer is, it all depends.

How Much Should You Water Your Lawn?


It is well established that flexible garden hoses are an easy option for lawn watering, but of course, the question remains, should you be watering your lawn in winter, and additionally, how much on average should you water your lawn?


According to the experts, each watering session for your lawn should deliver an inch of water. The experts also recommend that you water more frequently during hot dry spells, but what should you do in the winter?


How much you water your lawn in winter largely depends on where you live and the overall climate of where you live. For example, if you live in a temperate climate that does not dip below 70-degree daytime temperatures, you will continue to follow your weekly watering schedule.


If you live in a colder climate, you will drastically cut back on your watering, but that does not mean completely eliminating watering. A good rule of thumb is to continue to water regularly until the first hard frost sets in.


Watering Your Lawn for Mite Protection

A lot of people wonder why they should water their lawn using flexible garden hoses after the true growing season. It is a reasonable question with an answer that might surprise you. In the fall, mites and other lawn bugs are still very active. They enjoy chewing on the roots of your turf. Watering makes life uncomfortable for these pests and can help to keep them out of your lawn.


Watering up until the first frost (when these parasites are forced to find shelter) can help to put your lawn to bed for the winter without these pesky infestations. Reach out to a professional for more information about how often you should water your lawn in the winter months, and do not forget to make sure you keep your flexible garden hoses on hand to make the job easier.


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