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While camping, it is important for you and your family to feel safe and comfortable, especially with the water you drink. Water is one of the body’s most vital necessities, thus, it is a crucial aspect of your gear when camping or spending time outdoors. In this instance, a commercial water hose is oftentimes the most practical solution. However, it is important to ensure that the hose is safe for drinking.

A commercial water hose is also important to homeowners who take pride in their various plants throughout the home. It is important for gardening enthusiasts to have non-toxic hoses in order to safely water and care for their plants.

All Weather Durability, The Ideal Hose For Camping

The ideal hose for camping is a flexible, heavy duty water hose. There are various hoses made especially for boats and RV’s that are kink free, lead safe, drinking water safe, flexible, and are easy to hook up to your vehicle. These hoses are lightweight and are manufactured for all weather durability.

When looking for a hose for camping, it is important to purchase one that is potable water certified, meaning that it is free of any harmful toxins. Furthermore, these types of hoses are easily identifiable, as they are usually color coded as white or blue, and range anywhere between ten and fifty feet in length.

Non-Toxic Garden Hoses Built For Professional Demands

When caring for your garden, it is important that plants receive safe and natural water, untainted by toxins or other harmful chemicals. It is important to look for hoses that are lead safe and certified for use in greenhouse environments. Furthermore, it is important to the avid gardener that they have access to lightweight, easy to store, never kink hoses, especially if they see frequent use.

Compatibility is also important to gardeners, as many hoses should be compatible with various types of nozzles, sprayers, and sprinklers. On average, a garden hose lasts up to ten years, durability is important to avid gardeners, as they want a quality hose that they will not have to replace often. Additionally, sprinkler systems are an important aspect of gardening, and must have a flexible, toxin free hose in order to safely water plants and keep them healthy.

Whether gardening or camping, clean water is crucial to our health in any activity. It is important for hoses to be lead safe, flexible, and durable, which are the most important for the avid consumer.

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