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Most people focus their spring cleaning efforts on the inside of their homes. However, once the interior of your home is clean, you also need to think about the outside. You can do a lot to ensure that your yard is presentable after the long and cold winter. First, you need to ensure that you have all the supplies, including flexible garden hoses. According to Gardening Products Reviews, a suitable garden hose should last five to 10 years. Here are some spring cleaning tips for your yard.


Do Away With the Refuse


It's almost impossible to clean your yard during winter, so it's to be expected that there will be a lot of dirt to deal with come spring. So, before you do anything else, you need to start by removing litter and dog feces, dead leaves, grass, pinecones, and stalks on perennials. It's advisable to put on some gloves. There could be some broken glass on the ground, and you might get your hands cut if you don't have protection. Apart from that, things like dog feces contain lots of bacteria, so you wouldn't want to ingest that later.


Lawn Care

After removing dirt from your yard, you need to focus on your lawn. If you prepare enough during the fall, you won't have to deal with snow mold. However, no matter how much you may have cleaned, there will still be some stray leaves to rake on your lawn. It's important to rake correctly to avoid building thatch on your property. Once your yard is done, you can move on to the perennial beds. Here you will want to remove any dead leaves and stalks you failed to remove during the fall. A pair of scissors is quite effective since they can quickly get into tight spaces. Remember to check out some flexible garden hoses so you can start reviving your lawn right away.

Garden Beds


If you have flowers in your yard, they will need room to grow. This is why it's crucial to clear your garden beds of leaves, weeds, and dead foliage as part of spring cleaning. You will need to start doing this as soon as the snow has thawed.

It's essential to ensure that your yard is well manicured for spring. Summer will be coming soon, and you will likely want to spend a lot of time outdoors, so it only makes sense to prepare ahead of time. 


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