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Posted by Teknor Apex on Sep 3, 2020 12:11:08 PM


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The best way to treat your garden and grass is to keep it watered so it can stay healthy and thrive. However, what is the best way to keep them both watered without standing there with a hose or setting up an expensive sprinkler system?

Experts recommend the optimum amount of watering for a lawn is a single inch of water per watering session. The goal is to water your garden and grass with a consistent, gentle spray. You don’t want to batter plants or even newly planted grass with a harsh spray of water. That’s why it is a good idea to use a sprinkler hose from top manufacturers.

Is a Sprinkler Hose a Heavy Duty Hose?

When it comes to providing water for your lawn and garden, you need a water hose design that has been created using top technology, research, and quality materials. You can find a sprinkler hose that fits your precise gardening and watering needs with a design that is groundbreaking.

It takes truly advanced construction using materials such as vinyl to ensure the sprinkler hose you use is able to do the job without breaking, cracking, or clogging. You need a sprinkler hose that has been engineered to keep your lawn and garden-fresh, green, and well-watered.

Sprinkler Hoses Are Perfect for Newly Seeded Lawns Too

Sometimes you need to have your lawn seeded to ensure that you have gorgeous, green grass covering the entire space. A newly seeded lawn needs to be watered so those seeds take hold, sprout, and grow in a healthy manner. You don’t want to spray the area with a heavy duty, high-powered hose. That would blow the seeds right out of the ground and scatter them.

Instead, you need a sprinkler hose that is flexible and won’t kink that will lay flat and gently water grass seeds. The uniform spray a sprinkler hose provides will give your new lawn the deep watering it needs with a spray pattern of up to 10ft.

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