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Posted by Teknor Apex on May 3, 2022 12:46:00 PM

how to choose the right size garden hoseOne of the most essential garden tools you will need is a suitable hose. However, not all garden hoses are created the same. You need to figure out what size garden hose will best suit your needs. Your local home improvement store's gardening section will have different lengths and diameters of hoses. Here's how to choose the suitable size garden hose for your yard.

Hose Length

When choosing a hose size, you should consider two things: the length and the diameter. Your yard size is probably the only crucial determining factor for length. There's no point getting a 300-meter hose when you have a small yard.

To determine what length you need to get, you must measure the farthest distance from the spigot. Once that has been figured out, you can buy a hose that is just beyond that length. It's always better to buy a hose that's a little longer than what is necessary. This will allow you to walk and lay it out properly without dragging it through your flower beds or bushes.


Hose Diameter

Diameter is also another important aspect of the hose size. There are several diameter options to choose from. So which do you prefer? The standard household piping is usually half an inch in diameter. If you have the size of the pipe, you will be fine if you get a standard garden hose size with a half-inch diameter. You can also go for a 5/8 inch diameter garden hose size. However, this will probably add some unnecessary weight to your hose.

Suppose you have some heavy-duty watering tasks and wider household piping. In that case, you will need a hose with a three-quarter-inch diameter. This will allow you to get more water. Still, it will also compensate for the differences in pressure between the hose and the household piping. A heavy-duty hose can pump up to 23 gallons of water per minute.

These are some factors to consider when choosing a garden hose size. There is no need to select a heavy-duty hose if you just want to perform standard gardening tasks like watering your lawn. However, if you are into commercial landscaping and other demanding tasks, a heavy-duty hose will trick!

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