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devotedgardener.jpgGifting season is right around the corner, and while the growing season is soon coming to a close, the winter is actually a perfect time for creative garden ideas and fantasies to percolate inside a budding young gardener's mind. If you've got one of these green-thumbs on your holiday gift-giving list, there is no shortage of gifts that can make their dreams come true (and that will stay useful even if the passion for gardening eventually fizzles).

To help encourage the growth of the devoted gardener in your life, check out these great gift ideas for gardeners:

Get them started with a kit of seeds! Pick a theme and give them everything they'd need to get started. Some examples are: Salad kit (lettuce varieties, cucumbers, radish) or herb garden kits.

Gardening Books
Providing some literature for the novice gardener to leaf through is a great way to get those wheels turning all winter long. Cosy nights by the proverbial (or literal) fire are well spent in imagining gardenscapes, the dance between blossoms and bees, and delicate scents wafting in the warm air.

A cute pair of gardening gloves really comes in handy when dealing with nettles and thorns, plus they are helpful for other home maintenance tasks.

Hand Trowels
Trowels are great for planting herbs, digging in corners, and taking out weeds. If a gardener was to have any one tool, this would probably be it.

Water Hoses
Plants need only two things when it comes down to it -- sun and water (some TLC never hurt, either). If your novice gardener doesn't have a hose, you should look into getting one for them -- a good one should last five to 10 years. Never kink versions tend to be convenient and popular, and they are a great choice for those whose gardens are a little far from their hose spigot.

It may not be as exciting as a seed kit, but a rake will help clean up a garden at the start and end of a growing season, and all the times in between. Your new gardener (or even experienced ones) will be grateful for a clean working place.

With your help and a successful growing season, your novice will soon become a devoted gardener. Don't hesitate to fill the gaps in devoted and experienced gardeners' toolkits either.

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