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Winter curb appeal can be tricky, especially if you're new to landscaping or have never had to consider it in the winter months before. The trick to most winter landscaping is to use what you have to highlight the areas of your existing landscape design that survive the winter months the best. This can be done by leveraging local plants that thrive in the winter, designing with landscape rocks, or a combination of the two.


Make Use of Local Plants


One of the best ways to use space when landscaping for winter is to use plants that thrive during the winter. This way, you maintain the green space without resorting to fake plants and grasses. Flexible garden hoses are friends of designs like these and offer a great way to keep your design watered as the temperatures drop.


The typical diameter of a garden or utility hose ranges from 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. This is typically plenty of room for water to flow, but if you find yourself spending longer than you'd like watering your lawn, larger models of flexible garden hoses are also available.


Use Rocks and Sand to Your Advantage

While a full Zen garden approach may not be the right one, a design using rocks and sand can be a great way to keep up your curb appeal in the winter months. It's also a great look for warmer weather. Creating a versatile landscape that uses rocks and sand as part of the overall aesthetic will also eliminate the need for redesigning your space when the weather starts to cool.


Combining this trick with the use of local plants which can survive the winter cold snap results in a design that looks great all year round and can easily flow between the warm and cold weather.

Wrapping It Up


Flexible garden hoses can be lifesavers when it comes to your winter landscape but remember not to water your design so much that it becomes a freeze hazard. Even plants that are well adapted to the winter weather can be taken out by over-enthusiastic care. Designing a winter landscape that makes use of local plants as well as rocks and sand lets you keep up your curb appeal even in the winter months.


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