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gardenGardening is a relaxing, fun, and healthy hobby to have. It's a great way to spend some time outdoors and get away from life's stresses. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, everyone needs tools and proper equipment. Here is a list of a few essential tools for your property.
  1. Water Hose -- Water is the most important aspect for a garden's survival. You have to have a hose that can cover the entire area. Sprinkler hoses can be as short as 25 feet or as long as 100 feet, so you can find one that suits your needs and the size of your yard.
  2. Wheelbarrow -- Just about every garden is going to need a wheelbarrow at some point. Some folks will need to transfer items and soil much more often than others, but it's never a bad idea to have one stored in the garage or shed.
  3. Hoe -- If you're dealing with vegetables, a solid, wide hoe should do the trick. If you're working with perennial plants, you should use a more delicate hoe.
  4. Gloves -- If you're not careful, you could cut up your hands pretty bad when dealing with thorny or prickly bushes and plants. If you're just starting out, the best advice anyone can give you is to invest in a pair of high-quality gardening gloves to protect your hands.
  5. Shovels -- You're going to need a few different shovels. Especially during the beginning stages, you'll need some larger shovels. But once you get in the hang of things, a small spade shovel should work great for digging plant-size holes and moving dirt mounds. Be sure to buy shovels and spades that have strong handles so they don't break and you don't harm yourself.
  6. Rake -- Every house should already have a rake or two, but a gardener will definitely need one in order to whisk away any unwanted debris or leaves. Your property will look even better when kept clean, so make sure you tend to the area regularly.
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