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As any gardener can tell you the right tools make a difference, and a hose that kinks is definitely not the right tool. A NeverKink heavy duty hose can be just the solution you need to be a fully prepared gardener that enjoys gardening.

Any home gardener that has done battle with a hose that kinks can attest to the idea that it is one of the most frustrating parts of gardening. A never kink heavy duty hose can put the fun back in gardening again and reduce the frustration


Your Garden Hose Is Important to the Success of Your Garden

Investing in a high-quality heavy-duty hose is a great way to ensure that you can manage both your lawn and garden without frustration. According to the experts your lawn needs about an inch of water a week, if your hose is a bother to use, you may slack off in the watering routine and wind up with a sad-looking brown lawn.


Shrubbery, trees, flowers, and other plants in your yard need regular watering. Using a water hose should not be something you dread. A heavy-duty garden hose will make sure that you are ready to get out there and take care of your landscape without the worry that you will have to do battle with the hose.


What Does Kink-Free Mean

When you are actively watering your garden and you pull on the hose a bit to get some more line, and the water suddenly stops coming out from the hose, it is usually because the hose has folded on to itself. That is a kink. You have to put the water hose down, stop what you are doing, and go and unkink the hose so the water can start flowing again. It is a bother.


A kink free heavy duty hose is designed to never kink. The design of the hose prevents the little fold overs from happening and prevents you from having to stop what you are doing to get the water flowing again.


Cost-Effective Option

Cheap hoses are more likely to be hoses that kink. Cheap hoses also typically do not make it to the next season. It can get expensive replacing cheap hose after cheap hose. When you invest in a heavy-duty hose that is built to last and also happens to be a never kink heavy duty hose, you spend a lot less in constant replacement costs. You also do not have to deal with the aggravation of unkinking a hose.

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