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home gardenerHome gardeners know that if you want a beautiful, flourishing garden, you need the best tools. In order to get the freshest vegetables, there are a number of influential factors you must consider. Devoted gardeners would agree that the following tools and supplies are of the utmost importance.
  1. Soil
    Depending on the fruits, flowers, and vegetables you plan to plant, you will want soil with a specific ph level. Getting the appropriate soil for your intended plant will make a big difference in its growth.
  3. Fencing
    If you have rascally rabbits in your backyard, fencing off your garden is a good call. It doesn't need to be anything special as long as it keeps away hungry little animals. Chicken wire is a common fencing tool. 
  5. The Hose
    Base the size of your hose on the size of your garden. A three quarter inch diameter hose delivers three times the amount of water as a half inch hose. 
  7. Clean Water
    If you're the type of home gardener that really cares, you'll want a source of clean, untarnished water. Getting a drinking water safe hose will be better for your garden, and you'll be able to drink from it whenever you want.
  9. Trowel
    You're not going to get far without using a trowel. Get one of appropriate size and depth for your garden space. Using a trowel to add smaller plants will disrupt less soil and keep your garden restfully undisturbed.
  11. Gloves
    Weeding without accidentally hurting your plants is best done by hand. Gloves are an essential part of the process. Otherwise, you'll be nursing swollen palms and fingertips while weeds keep creeping into your zucchinis. 
  13. Seeds
    You really need these. If you don't have seeds, you're just playing in the dirt… Joking aside, you want to source your seeds from organic plants. A local farmers market is an excellent resource for seeds and general knowledge about gardening. 

Becoming a top-notch home gardener can be quite rewarding. Not just because you get to share the literal fruits of your labor, but because you raised life from the ground, nurtured it, and showed it your love and attention. That is something to be proud of. 

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