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Heavy duty hoses have many benefits that you can utilize in any work you need done. Most hose manufacturers will tell you that a garden hose should last at least five to 10 years. Heavy duty hoses made with rubber can offer you longevity and much more. Here are five reasons why you need to get a heavy duty hose.


Rubber garden hoses tend to be more durable than other types of hoses like vinyl. One of the reasons heavy duty hoses are designed with this material is because they can tolerate pressure. When water or any liquid is going through your hose it puts stress on it. Rubber is strong enough to withstand it. You won’t have to worry about deterioration whenever it gets too wet. Some heavy duty hoses are also reinforced with polyester, making them even stronger. Try to find one that also has a nylon tire cord support as well.

Temperature management

Heavy duty hoses can deal with various different temperature conditions. It won’t wear out in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. In addition to dealing with external temperatures, these hoses can deal with different water temperatures as well. Hot water will typically seep through a hose if it’s made with vinyl material. With rubber material, the texture is tight, preventing any possibility of liquid seeping out of it.


Hoses made with rubber material tend to be heavier than those made with other materials. This will allow you to have more control when using it. The weight and stiffness prevent the hose from swaying too much. It also keeps it from suddenly coiling. All of this allows you to more easily maneuver it in the way that you want.


As mentioned earlier, rubber made hoses have more longevity than vinyl. The most common problem with hoses is over time they lose their shape and get torn up. With heavy duty hoses having more flexibility, they’re more likely to maintain their shape. They can be stepped on or rolled over by a car and still return to their original shape. Flexibility combined with a rigid body makes rubber hoses designed to last the five to 10 years your hose is supposed to.


Perhaps the most important benefit of a heavy duty hose is that it allows you to save money. Having to replace a hose multiple times can eventually be costly. While rubber hoses are typically more expensive than all other types of hoses, you won’t have to buy another one for a long time. Hose companies will also offer you long warranties. If the rubber hose doesn’t last as long as it’s supposed to, you can get it replaced, and still save money in the long run.

If you need to use hoses often, rubber hoses are just what you need to be able to get consistency and longevity. There are many different types of heavy duty hoses you can choose from. Make sure to review all of your options thoroughly. A heavy duty hose will be able to support all of your watering needs.

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