Posted by Teknor Apex on Feb 23, 2018 10:23:10 AM

waterHaving a beautiful, well-kept lawn is an immensely satisfying way to landscape your backyard. Freshly cut grass and the intoxicating smell it produces; the feeling of walking barefoot in the summertime though your backyard; the crisp calming blanket of green to soak in while sipping your morning coffee. Joyous. 

To get a lawn like this, you'll have to put in a bit of work. Here are some tips on how to do it. 

  1. Mowing Like A Pro
    Before you even touch your grass with a blade, make sure it's sharp. Just like in the kitchen, a dull blade on your lawnmower is much more dangerous than a sharp one. Dull blades can catch on the grass, ripping and damaging it. 

    When you do go to mow, raise the height of the blade. This will mean more frequent mowing, but a much healthier and denser lawn. 
  2. Watering
    If you are also a gardener, this advice goes double. When you hook your heavy duty garden hose up to a sprinkler system, turn it on in the early morning. This way the sun will evaporate the excess water during the day, and your lawn will thank you for the refreshing drink. Also, the optimal watering time typically takes an hour to 90 minutes. 
  3. Fertilize With Nitrogen
    Grass thrives on nitrogen, but too much can turn it yellow and eventually kill it. Use the appropriate amount indicated by the specific fertilizer blend for the best results. 
  4. Grass Seed
    If you have bald spots (on your lawn) you can always buy and plant new grass seed. Just be careful walking around the freshly planted area.
  5. Expand With Sod
    If you love your lawn so much that you want it to be bigger, you can buy sod to start a new section of lawn from scratch. Do this in early spring for the best results. 

Having a backyard is great. You can host relaxing summer parties, set up a hammock, or plant a garden. If you love things that grow, you should know the best lawn care practices. Then you can sit back and enjoy your lush green lawn as a well-deserved reward for all of your hard work. 

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