Posted by Teknor Apex on Feb 13, 2019 5:45:33 PM

flexible garden hosesWinter means time spent away from your garden, but it won't be long before spring arrives. Soon you'll be growing and nurturing your plants as they come back to life in the warmer weather.

Now is a great time to get your garden in order to help make tending to your garden a little less hectic once spring arrives. Here are three tips you can use to prep your garden for spring:

  1. Clean your greenhouse. Plants can get sick just like people, and they need a clean space to grow healthily. Scrub down the inside and outside of your greenhouse using disinfectant. Pests and disease that can kill your plants are often lurking in the smallest nooks and crannies. Just be sure to let your greenhouse ventilate for the next few days to make sure it dries properly. Sweep plant debris from the floor and wash your pots and seed trays, too.

  1. Clean your gardening tools. When we said pests and disease that can kill your plants lurk in the smallest spots, those spots include your gardening tools. Give your tools a good scrub down and disinfect them to get them ready for a whole new season. You also want to clean the head of your garden hose. If it's removable, take off the head and let it soak for an hour in a water/vinegar mixture. Let it dry and replace it on the hose. If the nozzle doesn't come off, you can tie a bag of water/vinegar to the head of the hose with a rubber band and let it soak.

  1. Order new summer bulbs and seeds. Summer bulbs like Gladiolus and Lilies ought to planted in the early spring for them to bloom by summer. This makes late winter the best time to order bulbs and seeds so you have time to browse around and find the plants you want to grow.

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