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zero-G RV Marine Hoses

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The Teknor Apex RV/Marine zero-G® hose is up to 40% lighter in weight than standard fresh water hoses. Key features include compact storage, drinking water safe and easy coiling. The hose is equipped with an abrasion and puncture resistant outer cover for long lasting performance. The crush-resistant brass couplings prevents corrosion at spigot and accessories.
Try zero-G today, no matter the destination this hose is along for the ride. Engineered with you in mind.


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Compared to traditional heavy and
professional water hoses:


icon Up to 40% lighter weight than heavy duty vinyl hoses

40% Lighter weight 

icon Tough G-Force™ woven fiber jacket resists leaks, abrasion and punctures.

Tru-Flex core minimizes kinking 


Abrasion, leak and puncture-resistant


Flexible and easy-to-store 

icon Kink-resistant uninterrupted flow

Kink-resistant uninterrupted flow


Flexible and easy-to-store

icon Tough G-Force™ woven fiber jacket resists leaks, abrasion and punctures.

High density; G-Force™ woven fiber sleeve provides durability equal to vinyl hoses

icon Flexible and easy to maneuver even in cold weather down to 35°F

Remains flexible in cold weather


Crush-resistant couplings 

icon Lead Safe - Drinking Water Safe

Lead Safe - Drinking Water Safe, Manufactured with FDA Materials

Best Used for

  • Use in all drinking water applications
  • Recreational use such as RV and Marine

The Hybrid hose that elevates the advantages
of two hose technologies.


Tru-Flex™ Inner Core

  • Pliable inner core helps prevent kinking
  • Remains flexible in cold weather to 35 Degrees
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Coils easily for storage

G-Force™ High Density Jacket

  • Durable, long lasting wear equal to commercial grade hoses
  • 600+ PSI burst rated
  • Consistent high flow equal to a conventional 1/2” 
  • Glides smoothly over surfaces; will not snag or tear
  • Puncture resistant

New Coupling Design


  • Ergonomic, aluminum couplings
  • Crush-proof up to 1,800 lbf
  • Lead Safe
  • Knurled’ Male and Female for easy grip



An instance of breaking or splitting as a result of excessive internal pressure.



Puncture Resistance in Pounds Force


Puncture resistance is a measure of the maximum force or energy required to penetrate a material.



Tensile Strength in Pounds Force


Tensile strength is a measurement of the force required to pull something such as a rope or wire to the point where it breaks.



Flow Rate


Quantity of liquid moving through a pipe or channel within a given or standard period (usually a minute or hour).


What is the intended use for the zero-G water hose?

Zero-G can be used for all RV & Marine applications as well as light professional needs, such as filling containers, mixing concrete, cleaning and drinking water.

What replacement coupling can be used with the zero-G product?

Can use a 3/8” connector male or female to replace coupling.

Can zero-G water hose be stored in Hose Reels?

Yes, zero-G can be used with most standard hose reels.Water will flow even when hose is not fully extended from hose reel. For storage, drain water from zero-G and then easily wind product into Hose Reel.

Can zero-G be used in hot water applications?

No, zero-G is not recommended for hot water use.